NFSC 431: Food Service Equipment and Production System

Skill Area: Management

Assignment Title: Renal In-service

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to implement an in-service that would be done in a clinical setting with hospital staff or with food service staff. I learned that I had to do extensive research on the therapeutic diet of the particular disease state. Order to effectively present information to this particular audience I had to consider literacy level by using simple Terminology and to keep concepts organized, relating the topic and all information back to their work environment so that it may be applied.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize the importance of in-services for hospital and kitchen staff. It also helped me realize the importance of engaging the audience, being creative and encourage the audience to participate throughout the entire presentation. I realized that being positive and enthusiastic would help engage the audience the most so that they may apply information learned.

Relevance to the profession: In any setting such as nutrition, clinical, or foodservice in-services are done frequently for the staff. The purpose is to educate them in a field that they may not know a lot about or to refresh them. This is a way for the nutritionist or registered dietician to teach fellow staff or patients nutrition related topics, disease states, and therapeutic diets; in an understandable and engaging manner.


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