Marketing Brochure

NFSC 230: Introduction to Foodservice Administration

Skill Area: Management

Assignment Title: Marketing Brochure/ Facility Development

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to develop a marketing brochure by doing extensive research on how to market the product as well as location, price, and promotion. I learned to identify and target a particular customer base and determine how the product will satisfy the needs, wants, and demands of the customer.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize the extent that one most research in order to market a product. You must know who your customer is as well as their needs and wants. Also in a marketing brochure one must describe all demographics with a marketing flair.

Relevance to the profession: Marketing is important to any profession to sell a product to a specific group of people. Whether it is in a food company, a nutritionist, or a clinical dietician; the ability to market a product or yourself is crucial to any career.

Marketing Brochure.pdf Marketing Brochure.pdf
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Type : pdf

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