Evidence Analysis Library

                                            NFSC 440: Advanced Human Nutrition

Skill Area: Nutrition

Assignment Title: Evidence Analysis Library Project

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to read and interpret scholarly articles. This helped in my development of critical thinking and writing skills as well as increasing my knowledge of human nutrition. By locating, interpreting, evaluating, and using professional literature, I learned how to make ethical evidence-based practice decisions.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize how important interpreting scholarly articles are. It made me aware of the vast amount of dissecting that must be done to fully understand and interpret the article in question.

Relevance to the profession: Interpreting a study is very important to nutrition because they provide credibility to the field. Everything that we know about nutrition has been validated by scholarly articles and studies. This is why understanding and interpreting them is essential to a clinical dietitian career as well as nutrition and food science.

Evidence Analysis Library.pdf Evidence Analysis Library.pdf
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