Critique of Popular Diet Book

NFSC 370L: Clinical Nutrition Lab

Skill Area: Medical Nutrition Therapy

Assignment Title: Critique of Popular Diet Book: The Palio Diet

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to assess a popular diet book. This was done by reading the text extensively and critically examining its content.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize that there are many diets out there and a lot of them are not very credible. It made me realize that I need to think critically any time a new diet is presented to me. This means assessing the diet, look at the positives, and the negatives. It also means coming to a conclusion if it is a healthy, well balanced diet with all the food groups one needs.

Relevance to the profession: In the nutrition profession many individuals want to know how they can lose weight. It is well known that obesity is increasing in our population but when clients come to a nutritionist or dietitian; they must assess the diet and give them feed back if the fad diet will be beneficial to them or detrimental to their health.

The Paleo Diet.pdf The Paleo Diet.pdf
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