Skill Area: Medical Nutrition Therapy

Assignment Title: Pancreatitis Case Study Presentation

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to examine case studies, research the pathophysiology of the disease, interpret lab values, make a sample menu, calculate anthropometric data, investigate drug-nutrient interactions, and making medical nutrition therapy diagnostics.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize the extensive detective work that is required to provide medical nutrition therapy recommendations to clients. It helped me interpret and research the appropriate MNT recommendations and made me appreciate all I have learned about clinical nutrition.

Relevance to the profession: Medical Nutrition Therapy is a very important component to the profession of nutrition and food science. The skills taught through this assignment are crucial to the clinical dietician career and other related fields.


Pancreatitis Case Study Presentation.pdf Pancreatitis Case Study Presentation.pdf
Size : 1267.49 Kb
Type : pdf

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