Nutrition Article for the Lay Public

NFSC 365: Nutrition Counseling and Education

Skill Area: Community Nutrition/Nutrition Education

Assignment Title: Article for the Lay Public

What I learned: In this assignment I learned how to demonstrate effective and professional written communication and documentation with the use of a current topic in nutrition. I learned to take this topic and write an article for the public. This was done by interviewing experts in the field and writing an article based on their professional information.

Reflection to assignment: This assignment made me realize the extent of research and editing that must be done with a professional article. I realized that the consumer wants and needs must be incorporated throughout the article so that it will be informative and engaging.

Relevance to the profession: In the nutrition field there are many individuals who write magazine articles on nutrition and health topics. This helps inform the public and help them understand issues, as well as give healthy eating tips.

GMO article for the lay public.pdf GMO article for the lay public.pdf
Size : 591.868 Kb
Type : pdf

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